Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Chapter Silhouettes

The Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Silhouettes play an important support role for the Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Chapter. They are composed of the wives of financial brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and support the chapter’s programs.

The Polemarch shall be a liaison between the Greenvile (S.C.) Alumni Chapter and the Greenville (S.C.) Silhouettes – President. He shall coordinate the involvement of the Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Chapter in activities, initiatives, and projects sponsored by the Greenville (S.C.) Silhouettes, as well as the involvement of the Greenville (S.C.) Kappa Silhouettes in the same manner for the Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Chapter.

Within the framework of the Greenville (S.C.) Silhouettes philosophy of self-realization through service. Silhouettes work to implement their national program goals in varied ways depending upon their local communities and the special resources of their particular chapter. Through these activities, the Greenville (S.C.) Silhouettes have made numerous and significant contributions.

2012 – 2013 Greenville (S.C.) Kappa Silhouettes Initiatives