2015 Kappa Violence Prevention Workshop

The Greenville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. held its 26th Annual Violence Prevention workshop at the David Hallums Community Center on Saturday March 21, 2015. The workshop featured sessions on Interacting effectively with Law Enforcement, Educators, Parents and other Authority figures, causes, effects and consequences of all types of bullying, family violence and ways to reduce it, gangs and how to avoid them and outreach programs available through the City of Greenville to help reduce crime and violence. This Guide Right Activity was attended by 30 youth and each of had the opportunity to participate in sessions that were facilitated by Brother of the Greenville Alumni Chapter and professionals from the Law Enforcement, Educational and Social Services communities. The participants were treated to breakfast and a pizza lunch at the program’s conclusion.

2014 Kappa Leaguer Wins Top Award at MHS

On May 28, 2014, the Greenville Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Leaguer (Trey Walk) won the 2014 Student of the Year Competition and the 2014 Leon W. Steward at the Southeastern Province, Trey won his school election of Student Body President and Vice President of the State Student Council Commission and he West Point Leadership. the faculty and staff voted Trey Walk to the top honor of the Junior class for his Leadership and Achievements.

2014 Kappa Troop 1911 Volunteer for Hog Day

On May 3rd 2014, the Kappa Troop 1911 participated in the county wide HOG Day event. This community service event gave the troop a first-hand look at some of the tremendous work that can be done in the community by just taking the time to lend a hand. The troop cleaned and organized the Juniata Butler Community Center where the Greenville Alumni Chapter held it 1st Annual Kappa Little League baseball game. The troop enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer and work as a team.

2014 Kappa Knight Ball

The Greenville (SC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. held their 19th Annual Kappa Knight Ball Carolina High School in SC. The Kappa Knights initiative is a Mentoring and Enrichment Program for African-American Males in grades 6th through 8th. During the 16-week program, the young men participate in various activities designed to assist in the development of their self-esteem and identity as young African-American males. The intentions of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. are to have a positive influence in the destiny of these young men by reaching out and making a difference in their lives.

2014 Kappa at the Sigma Gamma Rho Youth Symposium

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, Bro. Patrick McDonald of the Greenville Alumni Chapter, Carter Hoyle of Kappa League and  Sean-Patrick McDonald of Kappa Troop 1911 attended the seventeenth annual Sigma Gamma Rho Youth Symposium at Greenville Technical College. Bro. McDonald did a presentation geared towards inspiring the youth to think about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (specifically the field of Engineering).

Bro. McDonald, a Lead Electrical Engineer for GE, gave an exceptional presentation, followed by a hands-on project. During the project, students had to work as a team and expand their imagination. Bro. McDonald challenged them by stating, “You’re only limited by your imagination!”

2013 Kappas at the Battle of the Bells

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, Greenville (S.C.) Alumni brothers accompanied by the Kappa Troop 1911, Kappa League, and the Senior Kappasmanned the Kettle at Sams on Woodruff Road.  This collection point was an especially festive one featuring Christmas carols and plenty of Christmas spirit from the Kappa Bell Ringers.  Team members say it’s a friendly competition for a great cause. The Salvation Army offers affordable After School care, lodging for the homeless, food for the hungry and a host of other programs to assist the needy.  Dale Sanders,Chapter Polemarch,  emphasizes that Kappas want to be active in supporting the community and helping those that are hurting and in need.


A recognition luncheon was held on Thursday, December 11, 2013, at the Kroc Center. The Greenville (S.C.) Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. finished in 2nd place in the 2012 inaugural Battle of the Bells which raised $12,000.00 and 1st in the 2013 competition which raised at total of over $13,000.00 for programs of the Salvation Army.

2013 Kappa Troop Recognize at Long Branch Baptist Church

On Sunday, November 17, 2013 the Greenville (S.C.) Alumni Chapter Kappa Troop 1911 attended Long Branch Baptist church. As they were recognized for being one of the premier minority troops in the Blue Ridge Council, South Bounder District and their many scouting activities. Accompanying the Troop were their Troopmasters Bro.Bernard Steadman, Bro. Patrick McDonald (Guide Right Director), Bro. Dwayne Skinner (BSA, Diversity Director) and James Putman (Parent).

2013 Kappa Troop 1911 attend Camp Old Indian (Summer)

On Sunday July 28 through Saturday August 3, 2013 members of KAPPA TROOP 1911 ventured with members of collateral Troop Four for a week stay at Camp Old Indian, located in Travelers Rest, SC. Upon arrival KAPPA TROOP members immediately were tested for their swimming skills as some of the weeks activities required attendees to know how to swim. Afterwards was familiarity with the Camp rules/regulations. After the evening meal the Scouts hiked to their camp site. Monday Morning began with an early morning role call, breakfast then a series of classes throughout the week that qualified our Scouts to receive Merit Badges. Merit Badges were received for the following activities, Rifle Shooting, Geocaching, Citizenship in the World, and First Aid. During their free time in the evening the Scouts were  permitted to attend Hatchet Throwing,Shot gun Shooting,Play Ultimate Frisbee and Football. On Friday August 2, 2013 KAPPA TROOP 1911 was responsible for the Flag Ceremony prior to Dinner. This activity is one of many that is a requirement for the TROOP to advance from the Rank of TENDERFOOT to The Rank of SECOND CLASS. Also, one of our TROOP Leaders attended and passed an advanced CPR Class.  The week was filled with an enormous amount of hard work and fun. ALL TROOP MEMBERS are now very excited and look forward to continuing to be a part of KAPPA TROOP 1911 partnership with The Blue Ridge Council Boy Scouts of America.